Latest Creations plus Latex !!

I've been a busy bee for the last months, many events, and a lot to do for my little business startup!

But things go well : I've made my first latex prototype, which includes Glam Warrior Dress and Unicorn dress:

These are all available upon request only for the moment :)

(Ps My leggings on the last pictures are from Black Milk :) )


Victoria Reynolds

Lovely bloody arts by Los Angeles based artist: Victoria Reynolds

the frames add a lot to the compositions


Pin me up !

I love retro inspired thing....hairstyle, clothing, especially lingerie, home decoration, music :)

High waisted pants, skirt and intimates add so much feminity

cateyes glasses, bullet bra, nautical inspiration, polka dots, french veil hat and red lipstick: 40s and 50s rocks!

total look or  little touches here and there...I simply love it

so many images saved on my computer...just a few of my favorites  items!

Va-va voom !


Hair Style-girl crush

I've been thinking about shaving a part of my hair for a while now... And these girls just magnify my desire :)

and this picture is beyond amazing..

Found this cutie on the black milk facebook page, note the Galaxy :)


old fashioned ink

I've recently discovered Uncle Allan, a tattoo artist  from Conspiracy Inc. based in Denmark.

His work has something Mysterious and so ''chic'' at the same time. I'm usually a big fan of new school tattoos, but the rich colors and all the details even in this ''old school'' genre, which I am not really used to, have simply charmed me!

I'd love to get a piece of his work! Maybe Allan will be in th US next summer... hope I'll be able to get there! :)

an other artist from Conspiracy Inc, Eckel, which I've read about last week has some impressive work in his portfolio too !

You can follow their work here

Newest Creations

I've recently added some new stuff in my etsy store,

one of a kind earrings:

Lace and stud ring:

 This one is not in my store, it is my fantastic forest double ring :) I'm very happy about the result!

And this last one was made for a local contest, which I've actually won !! :D
I'm working on some popsicle earrings and other pieces in the same collection!
Yummy :)


Body of Work

I wanted to share these pictures since the holidays but couldn't find them on the web...and was too lazy to scan them..hehe.., here are three outstanding pictures photographed by Ludwig Ciupka for this winter edition of Dress to Kill magazine.


Maximo riera

This char is....epic :) wow!

Masterpiece by Maximo Riera, the octopus chair is the first piece of the animal chair collection...

Impressive huh ?

I love art that can be useful and/or wearable :)