spirit hoods

I want'em all !!

faux fur animal hoods: warm, animal friendly, and to die for!
here are my faves from their collection:


black wolf

leopard !

fire wolf


Deer Love

I have an obsession with anything orned with antlers.... pink  antlers would be perfect , inked on my right arm :)

By rosanna inc. (they also have fabulous damask  and vintage printed plates!)

photographer: Ulric Collette

T-shirt, Volcom Stone

From Haute Macabre

Photographer: Ulric collette


First christmas gift

It is still early for Christmas gift but... Here'y my first one :D!

My stepfather built me this jeweler bench.. I'm sooo excited! I'll probably get my diploma by the end of the winter, and I have so many ideas, sketches and prototypes...Oddly Glam: yep that's the name behind all these ideas. I want to launch a handmade jewelry, accessories and eventualy clothing line.
 I'll order the entire equipement through the holidays to start this out and I'll post every little new treasury here!

I'm still a student but I have a few creations in my portfolio, And every pieces are up for sale, made to order, if your interested

The biggest project I've made yet: completely articulated hand skeleton reproduction :)


Last shooting

I've just received some pictures from my last shoot. The photographer is Lysiane Cantin , it was the first time we worked together...and I hope it won't be the last! I really love the way she uses light. Styling, Makeup and Hair by me !

The Teddy is by Blush Lingerie and the rosary is from my grandmother I think... a very old one. I've always been attracted by catholism religious items and art...even though I'm not really a christianism adherent. Death fascinates me...inspire me. That's probably why I'm so convivial.

I've sold the Xtreme platform I wore for the shoot last week.... to buy these new babies :)


White winter

This is the landscape I got while driving to work this morning.... forget about the sand on the road but....well winter is magic :) and I guess I kinda live in heaven ;)


Black Milk

I've discovered Black Milk Clothing, an Australian label directed by designer James Lillis, about a year  ago. It was Love at first sight!

The Black Milk items on my wishlist are numerous, but here are some of my purchases:

The ribs swimsuit
picture by Ulric Collette

The Leg Bones
picture by Plastic Module

The fabric quality is outstanding, the fit is more than perfect, and every garment is handmade !

Here are some of my favourite designs...

And well I've asked the galaxy leggings for christmas... but now there are also the black galaxy and the red galaxy... guess I'll have to order all of them !.

..Black Milk Addiction 

For fulfilling my tights obsession with quality garments, James lillis, I love you :)


Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes

The new album of Social Distortion, which is certainly one of my favorite bands, is gonna be released on january 18th
more than six years after their last album,  Sex, Love and Rock'n Roll.
11 more songs to come, here is their first single available : Machine Gun Blues...which is now available on Itunes since nov16. Can't wait to listen to the entire album :)


Artistic Mind

I'm a lucky girl since I have worked with extra talented people in the last two years.
First of all the tattoo artist behind my ink: Jay Marceau

Since my first half sleeve to my fourth tat, he has blown my mind with every pieces. His drawings are always over the top, the colors he uses seems too bright to be real ( and they don't fade after healing, at all) and they blend perfectly. The way he brings to reality what I have in mind each time I propose something is kinda perturbing...haha

He's here, in Quebec city, but if you are far away, maybe you'll be lucky enough to cross his path in some Tattoo events :)

The picture refers to my ink, but his entire portfolio deserves more than a passing glance.
his BLOG
his SHOP

I plan to talk about tattoo artists that are on my ''wishlist''on a regular basis, Hope you'll enjoy it
I also plan to get more ink...I love it.., oh so bad... lets say another big project is my economic priority these months.... but having my sleeve done is the next step...and then the other one...and my stomach..then my neck.... haha.. I want to be a living canvas :)

Oh and sorry if my english is not always perfect, this blog means another step to the perfect billingualism


let the fun begin !

I wanted to do this for so long! Here it is: Thrash Unreal ! A blog about Fashion, Music and Arts (and some randomness...)

where to begin... let's say I'm a little ambitious gal, curious and passionate and  many projects are running through my head. I love glitter and girly stuff but I'm also interested in anything memento mori related.

I'm not sure I believe in Fashion...but I certainly believe in style !

Hope you'll enjoy my little entries as much as I'll take pleasure to write them....